The gateway ( for the collaborative effort is ready. I’m very thankful to NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing center, for hosting both the gateway and data that we will share during this experiment.

The gateway has a public front page that is open to everyone and then a password-protected area for those who want to participate in the experiment. The front page has an opening message and a table that shows the name of the participants (those who have contacted me) and how they plan to contribute.

Below the We Fold title and image there is a “Targets” button that you need to click to enter the protected area. There is also a panel on the right-hand side with links to each one of the targets. Target IDs will be updated to their current numbers once they are released.

Once inside each one of the targets’ discussion groups, those who have logged in can become members of the groups, enter comments, upload/download files, start a Jmol viewer popup, drag the name of a pdb file to the viewer for protein visualization, and create forums for specific discussions within the groups. The main discussion about each target will be done through the comments and the documents will make it possible to share the data. The site is configured to accept files with extensions pdb, mol, xyz, pqr, txt, gz, zip, tgz, tar, and z.

There is also a protected area for general discussions that are not particularly related to a specific target. This General Discussions group is for back and forth discussions among participants.

If you’re interested in participating in this effort please contact me at